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    Artist Name:

    Felipe Jesus Consalvos

    Nationality & Life Dates:

    Cuban-American, 1891 – 1960


    Fictional Aspects of a Fact


    ca. 1920–1950


    Mixed media


    57 1/2 x 25 1/4 inches

    Credit Line:

    Purchase with funds from Dan and Merrie Boone, Friends of Folk Art, Peggy and Rawson Foreman, Chuck and Harvie Abney, and Lynne and Jim Browne and gift of Fleisher Ollman Gallery

    Accession Number:


    Currently Not on View
    Using found materials, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, a Cuban-American cigar roller, combined familiar images from pop culture into witty, sophisticated compositions that poke fun at politics and such cultural sacred cows as marriage and death. This spectacular, large-scale collage demonstrates how Consalvos propelled the early-twentieth-century homemaker’s craft of cigar-band collages into the territory of such modernists as Max Ernst, Hannah Höch, and John Heartfield with dense constructions in which iconoclasm finds itself face to face with the nostalgia of Latin American art. Political symbols, advertising images, and old family photographs are woven together into an intricate netting dominated by the image of a smiling, blue-eyed skeleton. Text clippings comment on nearby icons, adding another layer of meaning and reconfiguring the relationships between the images.

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