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    Curriculum Connections


    The High Museum of Art offers a variety of PowerPoints, images, PDFs, videos, and activities to support educators. Browse the resources below to enhance your visit to the Museum or as stand-alone resources in the classroom


    Italian Renaissance

    Curriculum Connections:

    Learn about paintings and oil paint pigments through works of art from the Italian Renaissance.
    Learn More >>

    Abraham Lincoln

    Curriculum Connections:
    Social Studies

    Learn about history and critical thinking through active looking.
    Learn More >>

    Molly Hatch

    Curriculum Connections:

    Learn about coordinate planes, multiplication, circles, and ratios through this unique installation.
    Learn More >>


    Curriculum Connections:
    Visual Arts

    Learn about line, shape, color, value, texture, and the emotional impact of visual art through this painting by Mimmo Paladino.
    Learn more >>


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