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Frans Hals

Dutch, 1582/1583–1666

Portrait of Jacob Olycan (1596–1638) and Portrait of Aletta Hanemans (1606–1653), 1625
Oil on canvas
Transferred to the Mauritshuis in 1881
(inv. nos. 459 and 460)

These paintings by Frans Hals depicting Jacob Olycan and his wife Aletta Hanemans are exceptional examples of marriage portraits. They are presented as mirror images of one another, each with one arm bent and the other hanging at their side. Hals shows his mastery by expertly rendering Olycan's black suit. The light plays on his satin sleeves trimmed in black ribbon.


  • Fashion: Aletta wears a padded farthingale, an undergarment designed to enhance women's hips
  • All of the details of their elaborate clothing
  • Her gloves: Aletta carries a pair of white bridal gloves