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Abraham van Beyeren

Dutch, 1620/1621–1690

Banquet Still Life, after 1655
Oil on canvas
Acquired in 1977 with the support of the Rembrandt Society (inv. no. 1056)

Abraham van Beyeren specialized in painting bountiful banquet pieces filled with a wide array of food, drinks, and beautiful tableware. The artist has layered in several moralistic references to the brevity of life and to material pleasures. The scattered and partially eaten food and the pocket watch are meant to make the viewer consider the transience of life.


  • The large silver wine jug: it has a highly decorative woman on the handle and an animal head on the spout. The artist has also included a self-portrait in the reflection on the jug's shining surface.
  • The pocket watch
  • The wide variety of meats and fruits