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Rembrandt van Rijn

Dutch, 1606–1669

Susanna, 1636
Oil on panel
Acquired by Prince William V, 1768
(inv. no. 147)

Here, Rembrandt tells the Old Testament story of Susanna. A young married woman, who is blackmailed by two men from her small town. They approach during her bath and tell her that if she won't sleep with them, they will tell her husband and the entire town that she's committed adultery and ruin her reputation and her marriage. Susanna refuses them, they slander her, but her patience and her perseverance in telling the truth is rewarded as the evil men are found out and God protects her.


  • One man, who is hiding in the bushes, on the right side of the painting
  • Susanna's skin contrasted against the luxurious fabric of her outer garment
  • The detail of Susanna slipping out of her shoes as she heads for her bath