Portrait of Natasha Gelman

Natasha Gelman (born Natasha Zahalkaha) was from Moravia in the present-day Czech Republic. She traveled the world and eventually found herself in Mexico City, where she met Jacques Gelman in 1939. Jacques had immigrated to Mexico from Russia just before the outbreak of World War II and had become a highly successful producer of films featuring the comedian Cantinflas. Among Natasha's most prized pieces was this portrait of her by Diego. The painting of the young Natasha lying elegantly amidst bouquets of calla lilies — her white dress mirrors the shape of the flowers — hung in the salon of the Gelmans' home in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Diego Rivera
Mexican, 1886–1957
Portrait of Natasha Gelman, 1943
Oil on canvas
The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of Mexican Art
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