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    Toddler Thursdays

    Toddler Thursday is taking a moment to explore the ABC's of art. Each week we'll focus on a new letter. Check out the list below!

    Toddler Thursday is FREE with Museum Admission. Toddler Thursday's occur from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the specified dates below.

    July 17: An X is two lines that cross
    An X is not only a letter, but a shape too! Let's venture to the contemporary gallery to look at a huge painting that uses this shape over and over again. In the workshop we will create artwork that uses an X as the main shape.

    July 24: Y is for Yellow
    One of the first pieces of art that people see when they come to visit us at the Museum is a little yellow house on the lawn. The interesting lines and bold colors of the house will be our inspiration as we make smaller versions of it in the workshop.

    July 31: Z is for Zoom
    Honk, honk! Buckle up, toddlers! We will read our story in front of a real Dream Car, and then head over to the workshop to make bold tire-track paintings using miniature cars.

    August 7: Paint White
    It can be easy to walk right past today’s artwork. It’s white, so it seems to blend right into the wall! But once you see it you won’t be able to look away from its swirls and twirls. Using shaving cream, we will make our own white works of art in the workshop.

    August 14: Paint Gold
    There is a very special wooden staff in the African art gallery that has been covered with real gold leaf! We won’t be getting quite that fancy, but the gold painted sticks we create will be magical nonetheless!

    August 21: Paint Red
    Ellsworth Kelly draws inspiration for his huge, simplified paintings from shapes in nature. We will take a closer look at his Red Curve VI and paint red, curvy snakes in the workshop.

    August 28: Paint a Canvas
    Many of our pieces here at the Museum have something in common: they are painted on a canvas! Today, toddlers will have a chance to try their talented little hands at painting on this traditional surface.

    September: CUT
    For the month of September we will be challenging our fine motor skills by focusing on the action of cutting.

    September 4: Cut Paper Sculpture
    Sculptures aren’t always just serious people carved out of marble. They can be anything from furniture to clothing, and artists use all sorts of materials to make them. Make your own wearable sculpture out of paper and see a chair sculpture in the galleries!

    September 11: Cut Paper Collage
    Collages can be tons of fun! Artists cut, snip, and tear paper, fabric, magazines, and even old books to make layered collage art. We will be practicing our scissor skills today as we assemble creative collages out of cut paper.

    September 18: Cut Out a Book
    Four men sit at a table in today’s painting. I bet their moms aren’t too happy about how messy their room is! Covering the floor and table are lots of books. Today we will work on cutting out little books, but make sure to keep yours off the floor once you get home!

    September 25: Cut Art Mobile
    When you make your way into the Museum today, be sure to look up! Our artwork for the day hangs right above the ticket counter in the lobby. Then head down to the workshop, where we will cut paper to make our own art mobiles!