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    Toddler Thursdays

    Toddler Thursday's occur from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the specified dates below. These activities are FREE with Museum Admission.

    September: CUT
    For the month of September we will be challenging our fine motor skills by focusing on the action of cutting.

    September 4: Cut Paper Sculpture
    Sculptures aren’t always just serious people carved out of marble. They can be anything from furniture to clothing, and artists use all sorts of materials to make them. Make your own wearable sculpture out of paper and see a chair sculpture in the galleries!

    September 11: Cut Paper Collage
    Collages can be tons of fun! Artists cut, snip, and tear paper, fabric, magazines, and even old books to make layered collage art. We will be practicing our scissor skills today as we assemble creative collages out of cut paper.

    September 18: Cut Out a Book
    Four men sit at a table in today’s painting. I bet their moms aren’t too happy about how messy their room is! Covering the floor and table are lots of books. Today we will work on cutting out little books, but make sure to keep yours off the floor once you get home!

    September 25: Cut Art Mobile
    When you make your way into the Museum today, be sure to look up! Our artwork for the day hangs right above the ticket counter in the lobby. Then head down to the workshop, where we will cut paper to make our own art mobiles!

    Toddler Thursday October
    October is all about paper! This month we will be practicing all sorts of fun art-making techniques using paper in new and unexpected ways!

    October 2: Punch Paper
    A wooden chair in our collection has rows of small holes along its back. We will use hole-punches to make picture frames that mimic this neat piece of furniture.

    October 9: Tear Paper
    It’s always upsetting when you tear paper by accident, but when it’s on purpose it can be a whole lot of fun! Today we will use our tearing skills to construct torn paper bunny rabbits.

    October 16: Fold Paper
    Today we will check out a bronze sculpture of a girl holding something in her hands, and then make a folded paper version of it in the workshop. What is it, you ask? You will have to come to Toddler Thursday to find out!

    October 23: Woven Paper
    There is a piece in our African art gallery that looks like a woven blanket from far away. As you step closer, though, you will find that it actually is made of small pieces of colorful metal! We will have our story time in front of this incredible piece and make a woven paper project in the workshop.

    October 30: Scrunch Paper
    Our piece of the day is made of scrunched metal and thick paint. We will look to this piece for inspiration as we make scrunched paper masks in the workshop.