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  • Revolución (Revolution)

    Revolución (Revolution) (2010)


    Saturday, April 20, 8 p.m., Rich Theatre

    On the occasion of the Mexican Revolution's centennial, these ten short films from Mexico's top contemporary filmmakers, including Carlos Reygadas, Diego Luna, and Gael García Bernal, explore the meaning of revolution in Mexico today. While the iconography, myths, and grandeur of the 1910 Mexican Revolution continue to course through the country's history and contemporary self-conception, Revolución successfully opens up the conversation about the look, the feel, and the place of the current political discourse on revolution in Mexico. From Fernando Eimbcke's quiet story about one man's commitment to tuba practice to Carlos Reygadas's vision of chaotic crescendo amid the Mexican countryside, each of the ten filmmakers take a unique approach to their central question, but each also channels a specific truth about the state of Mexico as well as the exciting state of Mexican film today.

    Pricing: General admission, $7; Museum members, students with I.D., and seniors, $6; Patron-level members, FREE 

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