Meet The Masters

Joan Miro
Joan Miró

Spanish, 1893–1983

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”

Joan Miró was born in Barcelona, where he studied art for six years. He moved to Paris in 1920, and although he never officially joined the Surrealist movement Miró’s work both influenced and was influenced by its ideas about chance and the unconscious. Miró’s impulse toward constant reinvention led him to move from series to series: washy “dream” paintings, Imaginary Landscapes, Dutch Interiors, and Imaginary Portraits. In the following decades Miró experimented with mural commissions, printmaking, ceramics, and bronze sculpture.

Let Miró inspire your students to:
 - Draw free-form lines on paper, then draw or paint a composition within those lines.
 - Draw curvy lines with chalk on black paper, cut out the shapes they like best, and then arrange them into a composition.
 - Paint on sandpaper.
 - Design and create a political poster.
 - Create an automatic drawing while listening to a story.
 - Paint a poem.

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