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  • With its renowned collection of classic and contemporary art and award-winning architecture by Richard Meier and Renzo Piano, the High Museum of Art has grown from its origins in a stately home on Peachtree Street to become the leading art museum in the southeastern United States.

    History of the High

    High Museum of Art Overview
    • Birdman, Atlanta, 2008
    • Blue Truck Bed, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2000
    • Camel Bubbles, Atlanta, 2006
    • Daddy Z’s, Atlanta, 2009
    • Midway In The Rain
    • MM Worcester
    • Naked Bench
    • Red Wall Tree Shadow
    • White On White
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    High Museum of Art Overview

    The High is the leading art museum in the Southeastern U.S. With more than 15,000 works of art in its permanent collection, the High has an extensive anthology of 19th- and 20th-century American and decorative art; significant holdings of European paintings; a growing collection of African American art; and burgeoning collections of modern and contemporary art, photography, folk art and African art. The High is also dedicated to supporting and collecting works by Southern artists.

    2016–2017 Board of Directors

    Charles Abney, Chair, Board of Directors
    Charlene Crusoe-Ingram, Vice-Chair Administration & Board Support
    Elizabeth Willett, Vice-Chair Collections
    Michael Keough, Vice-Chair Exhibitions
    Dan Baldwin, Vice-Chair Finance & Operations and Treasurer
    Wendy Kopp, Vice-Chair Advancement
    Brooke Jackson Edmond, Vice-Chair Education
    James H. Morgens, Vice-Chair Communications & Marketing
    Sara Steinfeld, Vice-Chair Nominations
    Alton Adams
    Lauren Amos*
    Spring Asher
    Tom Bell
    Daniel W. Boone III
    Ron Brill
    Mary Schmidt Campbell
    Bert Clark
    Sherri Crawford
    Marge Harvey Crittenden
    Michelle Crosland
    Elaine Davis
    Mary Wayne Dixon
    Jerome Dobson
    Marcia Donnell
    Scott C. Dozier
    Howard Elkins
    Jennifer Flanagan
    Peggy Foreman
    Gabriela Gonzalez-Lamberson
    Nancy Green
    Nena Griffith*
    Newell Harbin
    Sara Hehir
    James Henderson*^
    Ben A. Hill
    Ben F. Hill
    Kathleen Hohlstein
    Jack Holland
    Robin Howell*
    Karen Hughes
    Jane Jackson*
    Liza Jancik
    Derek Johnston
    Baxter Jones
    Sarah Kenan Kennedy*
    Jane Lanier
    Elaine L. Levin
    Bertram L. Levy
    Tim X. Mapes
    Joan Marmo
    Joe Massey
    Lorri McClain
    Sally McDaniel
    Anna Mershon
    Pratap C. Mukharji
    Richard C. Parker
    Fahamu Pecou
    Grace Raymond
    Douglas F. Reid
    Arthur H. Richardson
    Great Neck Richman
    Sidney Rodbell
    Ruth Magness Rollins
    Stephanie Russell
    Louise Sams*^
    D. Jack Sawyer, Jr.
    M. Alexis Scott
    John Shlesinger
    F. Terry Stent*^
    Michelle Sullivan
    Lisa Cannon Taylor
    Henrie Treadwell
    Rebecca Dial Warner
    Harriet Warren
    John F. Wieland*^
    Diane Wisebram
    Ex-Officio Non-Voting
    Virginia Hepner* President & CEO, Woodruff Arts Center
    Rand Suffolk,* Nancy & Holcombe T. Green, Jr. Director, High Museum of Art
    Life Directors
    William N. Banks, Jr.
    Elizabeth Hale Barnett
    Jane C. Black
    Lucinda W. Bunnen
    Frances B. Bunzl
    Anne Cox Chambers
    Jacqueline F. Clark
    Thomas G. Cousins^
    Richard A. Denny, Jr.^
    David Driskell
    Jacqueline Friedlander
    M. Anthony Greene
    Fay Howell
    Sanford Orkin
    Catherine Rawson
    Fred Richman
    Henry C. Schwob
    John W. Spiegel^
    Howard S. Stein
    Mark K. Taylor
    Joan Whitcomb
    Director Emeritus
    Michael Shapiro

    * Executive Committee includes all Officers as well as Directors noted with an asterisk
    ^ Past Board of Directors Chair

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