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  • Exclusive jewelry chosen by the High's curators.

    Just in time for the holidays, our curators have selected exclusively designed limited-edition jewelry by twelve local Atlanta artists, available at the High Museum Shop. All proceeds from your purchase in any of the Shops benefit the Museum and its educational programs.

    All jewelry pieces may be purchased in the High Shop or online and are priced at $200 or lower.

    Featured Artists

    Curated Jewelry Show: Renee Adams

    Renee Adams
    Materials: sterling silver, copper, mixed metals, fused glass, and genuine sea glass

    Renee's career in metalsmithing began about three years ago while she was studying at the Spruill Center for the Arts. All of her pieces are hand forged and fabricated in her studio for her jewelry company, R2 Designs.

    Learn more >>

    Curated Jewelry Show: Bethany Bachtel

    Bethany Bachtel
    Materials: Art Nouveau imagery that combines botanical and female forms into handmade and machine-finished metal with a powder coat that creates a unique and durable finish

    Bethany discovered metal as a medium while in high school in 2005, thanks to Georgia's Governor's Honors Program. She pursued her love of working in metal at the University of Georgia, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in jewelry design and metalwork.

    Learn more >>

    Curated Jewelry Show: Debra Lynn Gold 

    Debra Lynn Gold
    Materials: innovative jewelry that reflects an unusual sculptural sensibility, while maximizing unexpected combinations of materials

    Debra founded the Debra Lynn Gold Jewelry Studio after moving to the South in the early 1980s. Her limited production and one-of-a-kind works can be found in fine stores, galleries, and museums across the country.

    Learn more >>

      Curated Jewelry Show: Vivian Gold

    Vivian Gold
    Materials: silver, brass, and bronze

    Vivian holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in metals from the Program in Artisanry at Boston University and a bachelor's degree from the School for American Craftsmen at Rochester Institute of Technology. She has received commissions for jewelry from patrons across the country, working in silver, gold, precious, and semi-precious stones.

    Learn more >>

    Curated Jewelry Show: Leigh Griffin

    Leigh Griffin
    Materials: sterling silver, fine silver, shikudo, shuguishi, and copper

    Leigh individually hand-fabricates each one-of-a-kind piece using several techniques to add texture, including mokume gane (a layering of different metals fused together), granulation, reticulation, acid-etching, and adding patina. Leigh's jewelry captures the energy and beauty of the materials and is at once both dynamic and harmonious.

    Learn more >>

    Curated Jewelry Show: Gillian Gussack

    Gillian Gussack
    Materials: sterling silver

    Gillian holds a bachelor's degree in ceramics from Georgia State University. She is a professional metal smith and jewelry designer currently concentrating on figurative ceramics and portraits while attending graduate school and exhibiting. Gillian has been a community educator of children, teens, and adults for ten years.

    Learn more >>

    Curated Jewelry Show: Martha McClatchey

    Martha Hightower McClatchey
    Materials: gold and silver

    Martha, a native of Decatur and a graduate of Emory University, is a silver- and goldsmith who creates works with a touch of whimsy. In addition to her silver and gold pieces, Martha also produces large steel sculptures, oil paintings, silkscreened works, and hand-painted furniture and birdhouses. Her work has been exhibited and sold in numerous galleries and shows.

    Learn more >>

      Curated Jewelry Show: Rochelle Nation

    Rochelle Nation
    Materials: copper, gemstones, resin, sterling silver, and natural elements

    With an eye for conceptualizing timeless works of art that radiate rustic elegance, Rochelle creates jewelry that makes a fashion statement that is also architectural in nature. She fuses mixed, hand-forged metals and wire to seamlessly tie all designs together in one cohesive collection.

    Learn more >>

      Curated Jewelry Show: Lainey Papageorge

    Lainey Papageorge
    Materials: precious metals, natural gems, and pearls

    Lainey is a self-taught Atlanta artist who has been designing and fabricating fine jewelry for the past forty years. After graduating from Emory University, Lainey moved to Sagway, Alaska, where she began her career as a jeweler. In 1980 she returned to Atlanta as the first Artist in Residence at the Signature Shop. She now runs an independent studio, Elaina Designs, in Midtown.

    Learn more >>

      Curated Jewelry Show: Debby Park

    Debby Park
    Materials: gold and silver

    Debby is an Atlanta jewelry artist and a member of the executive board of Georgia Goldsmiths Group. Her designs incorporate several traditional metalsmithing techniques, including surface textures, gold patterns, and patina colors that change from piece to piece. Jewelry design and construction are a significant part of her life and add a healthy balance to her computer science career.

    Learn more >>

      Curated Jewelry Show: Kathleen Plate

    Kathleen Plate
    Materials: sterling silver, mixed metals, and glass

    A native of the state of Washington, Kathleen learned about stained glass at a young age from her mother, a crafts enthusiast. Her hobby led her to start creating pieces in her spare time, and she sold these pieces to local stores in the 1990s. Putting her graduate work in American literature on hold, Kathleen launched her handcrafted jewelry and accessories nationally. Today, her Smart Glass pieces are sold in more than 500 stores nationwide.

    Learn more >>

      Curated Jewelry Show: Anne Wing

    Anne Wing
    Materials: silver, gold, copper, brass, nickel, acrylic, natural stones, and wood

    Anne recently won several awards for her jewelry designs. Her inspirations come from nature, Asian art, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Egyptian and primitive art. Although most of her work is in silver, she does incorporate gold, copper, brass, nickel, acrylic, natural stones, and wood into her designs.

    Learn more >>

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